NEWSLETTER              MARCH 2019

    G'day everyone. It's been a busy summer as usual for the aero club, with pilots and planes racking up the hours. A fair bit has happened since the last newsletter, not least of all three of our students going solo. Congrats, to Paul Threadgill, Ryan Franicevic and recently Jordan O'Hara.  Also big Congratulations to Matt and Emma Eastham on the birth of baby Daisy! 

DUQ has now been relieved of Operational duty but not out to pasture yet - not being required for whale watching means she is always available for training. EHS has been working hard since being added to our Ops Cert, 136 hrs to date. The committee decided at their meeting in January to offer JCT at a reduced rate for members, $205 Solo, $235 Dual, in an effort to burn off a few of the 700 or so hours we have to burn by 25 September when the calendar time runs out.

We also have a new face around the club, Austen Lee who joins us as a trainee line pilot.  Once up to speed, Austen will also begin studying for his C-CAT instructor rating.

First Solo's

Congratulations Paul Threadgill going solo. Just goes to show that hard work, rum, and determination pay off.

paul solo.JPG

Also well done Ryan Franicevic for achieving his first solo flight as well,  18th Jan, although he appears to have gone missing since...

Yea boy! Jordan O'Hara goes solo. 1st March. Way to start the month! Jordan is planning on working towards his CPL  - great start..


Message from the Pres.

Firstly, congratulations to Ryan Franicevic, Paul Threadgill & Jordan O'Hara who each flew first solo in the past month, a creditable milestone achievement - now comes all the pleasure of becoming proficient pilots


Mid February, Murray, John, Paul F, Alistair M & Matt Ashton of Repaircraft underwent an annual maintenance audit with CAA and will enact some recommendations made at that meeting – primarily paper trails pertaining to incidents & airworthiness matters amongst other things.

Also, a number of people flew to Omaka and enjoyed the Healthy Bastards gathering very much before returning to join Bob & Jan in celebrating Bob’s 70th birthday, congratulations Bob - another creditable milestone achievement.

It is wonderful to hear TUG flying most days and know another budding pilot is undergoing instruction or consolidating previous instructors efforts. We are presently comfortably staffed with B & C Cat’s but are also seeking another prospective pilot to bring to C-CAT status this year. The functions of an aero club involves a moving feast of aviators transiting to improved employment opportunity. C’est le vie.

We continue to enjoy pretty good flying weather (bar this week) Chinese new year business, and an accident free flying record. Well done team!

Cheers all, clear air and good flying. Barb

 New Pilot 

Introducing Austen Lee from Nelson. Austin will be Whale Watching as well as completing a C-Cat instructor rating. Austen completed his CPL training at Nelson aviation college.  Welcome Austen!


 Around the Club 

Whale Watch flights  - now including the opportunity to wash the plane afterwards as well....! Deal!


Murray with some minions happily giving the airvan a clean after their families Whale Watch.


Who needs a gym when there are planes to move? Jack, Alistair and Bernard getting their daily exercise courtesy of DOP,  EHS waits in the background.

Von Beardface and Ethan taking time for a selfie on their way back with TUG from Rangiora. Thanks for your help around the club Ethan too!

Mark and ehtan.jpg


January boasted excellent sightings of Finn whales, the second largest whales in the world (up to 22 metres). Whale watching has experienced the usual seasonal upturn in tourist numbers keeping everyone very busy. As well as the return of the tourists the Blue whales have been sporadically visiting Kaikoura recently too.


Pod of Finn Whales cruising through Kaikoura in January.

 Safety Message                         

Rabbit holes; aircraft don't like them. Take care when taxiing around the field as there are a number of rabbit holes about. Take particular care when taxiing between the terminal and the grass runway whiteboard marker. There is a rabbit there determined to ruin someone's day with a reoccurring, sizable hole.  Report any holes to the club if you come across any that look set to sink you or your aircraft.

  Young Eagles  

Next YE day will be this Saturday, 9th March. It will be a fly day, $25 each, bring along some snacks, the club will provide the usual popcorn & juice. 9.30am till 12pm depending on how many keen aviators show up. Email the club to book your spot.

 Thank you's 

Shout out to Alexis Harmon for her awesome support on the ground this summer. Strength 5 Alexis.

And thank you also to Ethan Robertson and Louis King our faithful ground crew willing to spend time at the club despite having to study Human Factors.

Thanks Bernard Harmon for donating two David Clark Headsets. Ears to you!

Finally, great to see Taylor and Elise back down under and great to catch up, along with Mel Laird on holidays from flying around Oz NT.

air kai pilots.jpg

Left to Right,  Elise and Taylor, Mel, Karen and Mark, Stephen, Jack, Murray, Amber and Tracy, Paul T,  Richard, Catherine and Christine

We'll leave you with this blast from the recent past - this photo taken 2014.

Interesting changes!

aeroclub 2014.jpg

Happy Flying.....Stephen