Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas everyone! Xmas come early with the delivery of the Gipps Airvan ZK-EHS  and an impressive new hangar. The club is set to take off this summer, just need the weather to come right. Here is what has happened since the last news letter.

 Merry Christmas to us!! 

Wednesday, December 5th. 15:38, A fresh southerly, blowing across the field, Murray touched ZK-EHS down on two-three, rolling the aero club into a new era.  Shortly after we loaded it up with Ernie and a few others for a joy ride around the town.  The airvan offers unsurpassed views from its large windows and it's a comfy ride in its leather upholstry. An ideal plane for whale watching.


With all the boxes ticked on the paper work, the first whale watch flight for EHS got off the ground on Tuesday the 18th December carrying Bob, Tracy, Amber and Jack. 

By the way check out our cool new signage in the background.

'So what do you think Ernie?' 'It beats doing the dishes.'

Message from the Pres.

Presidents Report (18/12)                                                                               Barb Woods

Welcome and thank for attending our last meeting for 2018.  How the year has ‘flown’ – and your input and support are sincerely appreciated, both staff and committee members.

It was wonderful to mark the hangar completion with a club and tradespeople BBQ last evening.  Special thanks to Paul T who did the cooking to perfection, Jack and Catherine who prepared the food and Murray for bedding the aircraft afterwards.  Also thanks to those who contributed the feast and fun by attending.

What a remarkable celebration for which we may all take great price at long last.  The results are creditable and quite a landmark.  Special thanks an appreciation to Bob & Murray for so capably driving the entire project and to committee and members who gave their time and expertise towards this significant achievement, with particular credit due to Stu Burrows and Alan Stevens for their hours of labour.


It’s been a busy and bold year with the arrival of the latest lease machine EHS added to our fleet, Erin from Blenheim and Alistair from Picton added to our pilot ensemble, C.CAT’s Jack and Stephen proving competent and highly valued and our new hangar completely full of very interesting flying machines.  Generally a most successful and progressive year, topped off by Murray’s installation of a security camera to record all movements, and insurance adequate to protect our substantial investments.  We surely have now a most pleasant secure and productive working environment.


I am immensely proud of all we have achieved after the knock-down we endured two years ago, and especially thanks to Murray for his energy and vision within the club and Air Kaikoura; Stephen, Jack, Erin and the 2 Alistair’s for their high skill levels and superb safety record; Catherine for maintaining our office systems and for keeping her eagle eye focussed on financials, and committee and club members and partners for their ongoing club support.

Best wishes for a happy festive season, great health in 2019 , clear skies and great flying.


  New Pilot  

Say hi to Alistair Edwards. Alistair is a B-Cat with a great wealth of instructing experience accumulated over nearly 2 decades, mainly at Massey University's School of Aviation in Palmerston North. Alistair lives in Picton and he will be providing instruction here on a part time basis, at this stage Thurs, Fri and Saturdays. Welcome Alistair!

Impromptu fly out

Just another day at the aero club turned into a cheeky jaunt to the south west. The hangar was emptied out, and JKO, JCT, CFM, MIF and FWY were fueled and readied for flight. Stephen drew the short straw and got kitted up in multiple layers of clothing to ride as passenger in Nigel's Bantam. (Thanks Nigel it was an awesome experience!)

The convoy tracked up in the inland road and landed in Culvadern 30 minutes later. Bob mowed another taxi away with the prop of his Shadow and then it was wheels up for Hanmer and back to Kaikoura. 


Flying is a breeze in the Bantam. Nigel and Jack enroute to Hanmer.

Bob mows another taxi way at Culverdern.

  Young Eagles  

Last month we let the YE loose in the circuit for some touch and go practice......Relax CAA,  It turns out the new hangar floor also  makes for an ideal skate rink and a fun way for them to practice making position calls while skating /scooting around a made up circuit. 


Jack with YE after a flight around a real circuit.

 Safety Messages                         

Hi Everyone


It's been awhile since I last put pen to paper for the news letter, the past few months have been rather hectic for me & other members of the committee who contribute to content.

This year has been outstanding with the building of "The Hanger" the dedication of club members who have toiled tirelessly & offered their time & experience which saved us many $$$$$$ to help the builders & other tradespeople to complete the massive task it wasn't easy, but we got there, I thank those people & tip my hat to each & everyone of you, the result speaks for itself. It's the best looking building on the airfield & I'm sure, first impression, for anyone, especially our whale watching quests will think Air Kaikoura is professional & successful.  

It's a great relief, especially for Murray to see our a/c put away at night in a secure & clean hanger, away from the mixed weather & hard elements that Kaikoura offers us day & night. It has also inspired some members to house their a/c within it's walls.

No doubt everyone is aware or may have already seen of our new acquisition Air Van EHS which without any doubt adds glamour to our fleet notwithstanding the extra seating also, it is the jewel in the crown for Air Kaikoura, we are now on a level playing field with competitors, it looks magnificent, it's modern & it's a safe a/c with a manageable computerised fuel system & flying capabilities. I flew it in Melbourne & it was as easy as flying JCT.


Over many past weeks myself, Murray, john & Catherine ( the Safety Team)  have the task of putting together for Air Kaikoura a Safety Management System (SMS) still with many weeks to go.........Aviation rests on a foundation of laws & regulations, most of which are aimed at maintaining or improving safety. The days have long gone where the Kiwi attitude "she'll be right Mate" matters. It is our responsibility to to be constantly considering why & how accidents occur & what we can do to avoid them as individuals & as an organisation.     

You may well ask "why have a safety/programme plan?" obviously, none of us wants or plans to have an accident, get hurt or to have someone we know, or are responsible for, be hurt either on the airfield, in the club house / hanger, or in the air.

The intention of our SMS is a formalised plan aimed at effectively managing the safety of the KAC operation & therefore reducing accidents through two primary functions Risk Management & Safety Awareness.

It is also the primary responsibility of all our club members / staff for safety & thus accident prevention, everybody should be aware of the consequences of their actions when it comes to maintaining safe practices, I believe Safety is everybody's business.

As we are now heading into the festive season when more stress is upon us, at home, on the road, every day living & of course in the air, we must be vigilant of our surroundings & environment. If you are visiting KAC stay safe, if you identify any risk or hazard on the premises or airside please advise an Instructor.

If you are entering airside to pre fight a plane, be seen, there are vis jackets in the flight office. if you see unauthorised people walking around the a/c direct them back to the club room they must not be without supervision.

When flying either in the circuit or local, remember communicate, always have sufficient fuel & oil, if going x country take correct charts, plenty of drinking water & a good attitude.

If you are tired or a little hungover, but have the urge to fly or you are asked to fly by friends or family - DON'T There's always another day.

Do a methodical pre- flight & run ups.

On finals if it doesn't look good going down "GO AROUND"!

We have busy months ahead of us, there are going to be many a/c movements on the ground & in the air so keep a good LOOKOUT!

Drive safely going to KAC & driving home.

All the above sums up your personal safety management culture, also remember your legal requirement under section 12 of the Civil Aviation Act imposes responsibilities on ALL participants in the civil aviation system to ensure activities are conducted safely & in accordance with relevant safety standards & practices. 

DUQ is now off ATO's therefore she is available for private hire, x country trips, it's in tip top condition with many hours to run, there are a number of fly in's & places to visit around the country moving forward so if anyone want's to get some x country hours in put your hand up & we will organise a trip some where, I'm always a starter, what about you guys wanting to get your hours up for your commercial?

I will take this opportunity to wish you all & your family the best wishes for xmas & a prosperous 2019


Blue Skies

Paul Faulkner

Safety Manager / Club Capt.     



Its been great to have the whales back in the canyon after November's whale drought.  It's been exciting to have frequent sightings of the Fin whale recently. They are the worlds 2nd largest whale, growing up to 22 metres long, a filter feeder often spotted swimming in groups of 3 or more of its kind. They have a eye catching, metallic, blue/green colour to them when just under the surface.  

Fin Whale about to surface

Late last Thursday afternoon we were very lucky to see no less than 17 Orca and one not so lucky, young Fin whale being hunted by them. Unforgettable.

Nice shot Alexis!


Finally a very Merry Christmas to everyone. Happy landings and look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.